About Us

Our Company, which entered the transportation sector in 2006 with the representation of Pegasus Airlines, continues its activities as a tour operator and gives agency services as Cyprus Xp group. As Cyprus Xp group, our primary goal is contributing to tourism and the country's economy. With this awareness, we aim to create a quality, controlled and reliable supply chain with the programs we carry out in all our solution partners and agency offices worldwide and always encourage effective use. Tourism has a significant economy in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We have severe contributions in meeting the country's tourist needs. 
Starting with TRNC, our investments continue in Turkey and worldwide with our commercial relations and solution partners. We will continue on our way with both the employment we provide and social responsibility projects with our work ethic that never deviates from our goal of being a pioneer. I want to state that we will continue to work for Northern Cyprus and also like to thank the institutions and organisations that trusted us and allowed us to implement our projects, and to all our employees and guests who carried us to these days.
Quality of Service
At Cyprus Xp Travel, you can easily find everything you want, from domestic hotels to international, cultural and cruise tours. Moreover, corporate travel, exhibition and congress services are all selected by meticulously examining and selecting expert staff under one roof.
The basis of the sectoral success of Cyprus Xp Travel, which always follows the path in the light of guest opinions in product and service planning and listens to every statement with close ears, lies in the importance it gives to its valued customers.
Our Quality Policy
Cyprus Xp Travel aims at 100% customer satisfaction by fully meeting the legal and regulatory requirements and customer expectations with its expert staff and professional structure, adopting and implementing continuous improvement with technology, human resources and infrastructure investments, and treating its customers as guests at all times.
Our Vision
Cyprus Xp Travel continues its efforts to send all its guests on vacation and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Our mission
Cyprus Xp Travel has a structure that is always open to change and innovation and works customer-oriented. Cyprus Xp Travel exists primarily for the customer. It aims to make all the possibilities of technology available to its customers and staff and to make a difference in its work. It is always trying to be the preferred tour operator of the customer and the employee.